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Piano girl

Dark and hollow, She presses keys Up and down to fill the spaces between the pauses Reverb fills her lungs and she gasps, A second to jump outside of the skin choking her in slow-motion, And another To fix her shadow permanently beside her I was only trying to let you see The trail IContinue reading “Piano girl”

Liquid lozenges

Liquid lozenges Cracking off of my teeth Her blood Just oozing out between the cracks She swirls around my lip, A slow, deliberate Movement of two worlds I suck the air in And with it Splatters from her innards It’s all I can do To not recoil at its form, Lodged in my throat AndContinue reading “Liquid lozenges”


Here you go, The shelves are up It’s up to you to stack yourselves up on top of them, it’s not on me anymore It was always a thankless job anyway But you, you don’t disperse and scatter without me there shouldering you, like I had imagined you would Without missing a beat, you tieContinue reading “Shelves”


Concrete walls lick me once-over Grey and impersonal, It’s just a perfunctory gesture And it’s here that I hang, Upside down with nowhere to go But back up from where I came Cacti, they spring out from the walls, A prickly invasion Designed to throw me off And yet I grit my teeth And myContinue reading “Cacti”

So much darkness It’s undulating form Swallows me back, to the very pit of its belly Yours is a tight bodice Cinching in at my lungs And forcing me in this recumbent position And it seems like we’re all just here to drink down merriment and swallow breaths back To dissipate the fear of thisContinue reading