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Tapping out Freedom

Sadness, she drip drops

On to the ledge I stand on

She runs off uninhibited,

Not even a flicker of embarrassment at the nakedness she wears,

Bright and brazenly

Oh my tongue, how it salivates

At the nakedness of her freedom

And I reach closer

To try to catch just one of her drops

But it’s a race I’ve not prepared for

She outruns me every time

No matter how quickly I catch her drops,

I’m still stuck behind the rock I crouch behind

And the ledge where freedom beckons me

I want her to quench the thirst that sits inside, rock-hard

But she is unforgiving,

Lapping up all my amber prayers

Without a second to rethink my offering

And I just clutch a single flame

Between the palms of my hands

Its amber -coloured self so mesmerizing

As it blackens my flesh

A last ditch homage to you,

Who I want so much

To just notice me

So my sacrifice for you

Would be worth the space I take up


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