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Concrete walls lick me once-over

Grey and impersonal,

It’s just a perfunctory gesture

And it’s here that I hang,

Upside down

with nowhere to go

But back up from where I came

Cacti, they spring out from the walls,

A prickly invasion

Designed to throw me off

And yet I grit my teeth

And my fingers dig to find grooves and spaces so I can keep this momentum of movement

Because even as my skin is pricked and punctured,

blood pitter-patters down all over my consciousness,

I still must keep moving

Lest I stay here

Where all the blood would rush to my head,

The pressure of which would cause it and whole head to burst open

And rain down on unsuspecting pedestrians below us

No, that would be most uncouth

So let us continue, discomfort and all.


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